Teachers for Equity


The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) launched the Teachers For Equity (T4E) Fellowship with a cohort of 20 teachers to participate in timely work to support the spread of equitable practices within US schools. With support of a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, teachers from Palm Beach, Boston, New York City, Nashville, and Chattanooga will participate in a year-long fellowship giving them tools, resources, and support to create and lead local communities of practice with their colleagues. These communities will be focused on advancing teacher practice — particularly as it relates to issues of racial equity and closing opportunity and achievement gaps. During this experience, Fellows are exploring new ways of thinking, working, and problem-solving; examining themselves as well as the roots and many fruits of systemic racism; and designing a community of practice for greater impact as a result.

T4E Vision

The vision for Teachers for Equity fellowship is to create racially equitable outcomes for our students. To accomplish this, the T4E team will foster the racial consciousness and reflective practice of the T4E Fellows. With their growing racial consciousness, Fellows will engage in and lead conversations that yield culturally relevant learning experiences along with increasing racially equitable practices amongst their colleagues and school communities.

T4E Goals

This fellowship is designed to provide support as Fellows:

  • Improve their understanding of the impact of race on student learning and examine the role that racism plays in institutionalizing student achievement disparities;
  • Build a community of education practitioners to address pertinent racial equity issues in your school community; and
  • Articulate their stories and journey to a broader education audience to share learnings.
For more information about the T4E Fellowship and to keep up to date on our progress, visit teachers4equity.com and follow us on Twitter @BIFsxl or #teach4equity.

The 2017 T4E FELLOWS

The T4E Fellows have recognized shifting demographics of students, lack of representation in faculty, and a need for open discussions around race. They share the drive to create the best learning experiences for their students and a passion for advancing their profession.

  • Rayhan Ahmed, The Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders High School
  • Ulana Ainsworth, Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School
  • Lhisa Almashy, Park Vista Community High School
  • May Beasley, Madison Middle Prep
  • Naadu Blankson Seck, Brooklyn Frontiers High School
  • Kenneth Collins, Chattanooga High School, Center for Creative Arts
  • Olive A. Cooper, Boca Raton Community Middle School
  • Edith Garcia, Poinciana Elementary STEM
  • Chris George, Cane Ridge High School
  • Derrick Gilbert, Royal Palm Beach Community High School
  • Erica Hayes-Schultz, John Overton High School
  • Khessia Jean-Baptiste, Elbridge Gale Elementary
  • Zoe Masters, Community Charter School of Cambridge
  • Lauren Moffett, J.H.S. 194 William Carr School
  • Ilona Nanay, Mott Hall V
  • Tazeen Rashid, Suncoast Community High School
  • Amy Ryan, Amqui Elementary School
  • Natalie Sessoms, Norman Binkley Elementary School
  • Alexis Valentin, J.C. Mitchell Elementary School

Meet the T4E Team

The Teachers for Equity Team consists of the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Student Experience Lab and Pacific Educational Group (PEG). As a real world lab for the research and development of new education models, the BIF Student Experience Lab is thrilled to take on this project since it focuses on teachers as designers and innovators who play a central role in bringing about systems change within education. Furthermore, BIF is pleased to partner with the Pacific Educational Group (PEG) to co-create a curriculum for the teachers’ experience, especially with their 25 years of experience facilitating courageous conversations around race and equity. BIF and PEG are excited to support these fellows as they make positive, measurable changes for their students, schools, and communities.

About the Business Innovation Factory

At the Business Innovation Factory (BIF), we have one goal in mind: transformation. We believe the way to get there is by enabling leaders to design and test new business models in areas of high social impact, including healthcare, education, government, and entrepreneurship. Central to this work is spending a lot of time with the real people within these systems so that we can understand their needs, interests, problems, and aspirations, and then, work together to design new models to better serve them. For more, visit www.businessinnovationfactory.com.

About Pacific Educational Group

Pacific Educational Group is committed to achieving racial equity in education. We engage in sustained partnerships with educational organizations to transform beliefs, behaviors, and results so people of all races can achieve at their highest levels and live their most empowered and powerful lives. For more information, visit https://courageousconversation.com/.